A Look Back at The Time Judy Hopps Patrolled Disney Springs

Easter Sunday is less than a week away, which means that it won’t be long until The Easter Bunny makes his yearly appearance. However, this time last year, there was a lot of excitement among animation fans about the arrival of a different bunny thanks to Disney’s “Zootopia.” This Academy Award-winning film introduced the world to Judy Hopps and her dream to become the all-animal city’s first rabbit police officer. At Walt Disney World,  the release of “Zootopia” was celebrated in a number of ways last spring, and one of them could be found at Disney Springs.

This statue of Judy Hopps could be found in The Marketplace section of Disney Springs between “The LEGO Store” and “T-Rex Cafe” during the theatrical run of “Zootopia.” The display also included a statue of her co-star Nick Wilde and a sign advertising seeing their film at the nearby “Disney Springs AMC 24.” During its brief time in The Marketplace, this spot became a popular photo opportunity with fans of all ages. While Judy won’t be posing for pictures at Disney Springs again this Easter, Walt Disney World guests can always try to snap a selfie with the “sly bunny” during Magic Kingdom’s “Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play It! Street Party.”


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