The Pink Berets Hopped To It in Universal’s Superstar Parade

While it sometimes seems like there are countless Christmas movies centered around Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny has not been as frequent a fixture on the silver screen to say the least. One rare example of a feature film based around Easter’s gift-giver was Illumination Entertainment’s 2011 live action/ animation hybrid “Hop.” While it didn’t achieve the same level of success at the box office as other Illumination releases such as “Despicable Me” and “Sing,” characters from “Hop” were still predominantly featured in “Universal’s Superstar Parade” when it debuted at Universal Studios Florida in 2012. Among those included were the trio of bunnies known as The Pink Berets, who appeared on their own mini-float behind the main “Hop” unit.

Fluffy, Patch, and Bit may look cute, but you do not want to get on the wrong side of Easter Island’s own elite SWAT team. In “Hop,” The Easter Bunny sends out The Pink Berets to track down and bring home his son E.B. after he runs away to Hollywood. As tough as they can be when on a mission, these militant bunnies were typically “at ease” and in more cheerful spirits at Universal Studios while dancing in the parade or posing for pictures with fans at the “Character Party Zone.” Even though the “Hop” float in “Universal’s Superstar Parade” was replaced with a new unit inspired by “The Secret Life of Pets” late last year, you never know where this deceptively cute stealth team may turn up next, especially this close to Easter.


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