A Grand Floridian Easter with the Fox and the Hound

Easter Sunday may have come and gone for another year, but, for many, the holiday has left a lot of chocolate and candy behind to enjoy over the coming days. From chocolate bunnies to jelly beans, Easter has many signature sweets, but few are as grand as the ones on display at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Now in its sixth year, this Easter tradition fills the Grand Floridian’s lobby with elaborately decorated chocolate eggs created by resort’s culinary teams, including several inspired by Disney movies and characters. Among this year’s collection of edible art is a chocolate sculpture depicting Tod and Copper, the stars of “The Fox and the Hound,” playing around an egg-shaped log.

Released in 1981, “The Fox and the Hound” tells the bittersweet story of two unlikely friends and the challenge of keeping that friendship as they grow older due to their species’ adversarial relationship. Fittingly, the film’s release also marked a bittersweet moment in Disney history as it was the last of the studio’s feature films to include animation by any of Walt Disney’s “Nine Old Men” due to the retirement of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston partway through its production. However, this also opened up the door for the next generation of animators to take a more predominant role on the movie, and many of those involved, including Glen Keane, John Musker, Ron Clements, and John Lasseter, would go on to have an profound influence on Disney animation over the coming decades. As Big Mamma explains to Tod in “The Fox and the Hound,” “time has a way of changing things,” and that was certainly true of Walt Disney Productions in the 1980’s.

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