Goofy Flies More Than Just Airplanes at The Barnstormer

Inspired by the arial acrobatics of “The Great Goofini,” Magic Kingdom’s “The Barnstormer” is a kid-sized roller coaster ride in one of Goofy’s stunt biplanes. While The Goof’s daredevil alter-ego may be most famous for his flying skills (or lack there of), buy airplanes aren’t the only way he gets airborne at “Storybook Circus.” As you wait to board “The Barnstormer,” be sure to take a look at the colorful banners throughout the queue advertising some of Goofy’s previous circus stunts, including the one above for “Reckless Rocketeer” in which he rides a rocket like a bucking bronco. However, given that the wreckage of that rocket appear to have crashed just not far away, this stunt likely didn’t end as well as the advertisement would make it appear.

In addition to fleshing out the story of the attraction, many of these posters at “The Barnstormer” also include hidden references to Disney history such as the subtle callback to another time when Goofy worked at the circus that can be found on the one for “Reckless Rocketeer.” A close inspection of the rocket shows that Goofy has given it the name “Dolores,” which was also the name of the circus elephant he was tasked with washing in the 1948 short “The Big Wash.” Dolores the Elephant would go on to make another on-screen appearance in 1953’s “Working For Peanuts,” this time residing in a zoo overseen by zookeeper Donald Duck as opposed to circus. Although it appears Dolores has left the big top behind, Goofy’s rocket shows that “The Great Goofini” clearly hasn’t forgotten his old elephant friend, and apparently neither have the Imagineers behind “Storybook Circus.”


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