Lilo’s Playhouse Offers Polynesian Fun Just For Kids

Walt Disney World is known for being a vacation destination where the whole family can have fun together, but there are occasions when the adults of the family may want a little time to themselves. To accommodate this, Child Activity Centers where parents can drop off their little ones for a few hours of supervised fun are available at a few of Disney’s resort hotels. “Lilo’s Playhouse,” for example, can be found at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Named after the young Hawaiian girl who shares top billing for Disney’s 2002 animated feature “Lilo and Stitch,” both Lilo and her trouble-making alien companion appear on this eye-catching sign located outside its entrance.

Although she is its namesake, Lilo’s film isn’t the only animated classics to be referenced inside “Lilo’s Playhouse.” Its various activity areas feature decor inspired by Disney favorites as they are depicted in the pages of Little Golden Books. Kids can play dress up in Cinderella’s Castle, watch a movie on Stromboli’s wagon from “Pinocchio,” or dine in a setting inspired by Tony’s Restaurant from “Lady and the Tramp,” among others. “Lilo and Stitch” may have taught us that “ohana means family,” but if a family needs a little time apart during their vacation, “Lilo’s Playhouse” is a great option where kids can still have plenty of Disney fun on their own.


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