Woody Woodpecker Honored on Universal’s Walk of Fame

Just as Walt Disney World has Mickey Mouse, Woody Woodpecker has acted as the classic cartoon mascot for Universal Orlando Resort. While many references to Walt Lantz’s most famous creation can be found in Universal Studios Florida’s Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone, a subtle yet auspicious nod to the character is located in the park’s Hollywood section. The Hollywood Walk of Fame, which features stars bearing the the the biggest names in the entertainment embedded into the city’s sidewalks, is one of the real Tinseltown’s most famous landmarks, and among the few animated characters of have one of these prestigious stars is Woody Woodpecker. An abbreviated version of the Walk of Fame can be found along Universal Studios Florida’s Hollywood street with its own star for Woody located near the entrance of the “Terminator 2: 3-D” attraction.

Best known for his distinct laugh, Woody Woodpecker made his first appearance in the 1940 cartoon “Knock Knock,” in which he served as an annoyance for another of Lantz’s characters, Andy Panda. However, Woody’s star power was immediately apparent, and his next appearance would launch his own series of theatrical shorts that would span over three decades. The trouble-making woodpecker would also make a big splash on TV starting in 1957 with the introduction of “The Woody Woodpecker Show,” which packaged his classic cartoons with new transitional material featuring Woody appearing alongside Walter Lantz himself. While his role at Universal Orlando’s mascot is not as predominant as it once was with newer characters such as Harry Potter and The Minions being given more attention in the park’s marketing, Woody Woodpecker’s star status is still celebrated on Universal’s Walk of Fame.


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