Simba Heroically Helps You Find Your Car in Magic Kingdom’s Parking Lot

While the primary purpose of Disney’s animated characters is to entertain, sometimes they also fulfill more practical roles around the Walt Disney World Resort, as we have previously noted. A great example of this can be found in the Magic Kingdom parking lot. This sprawling complex has been divided into two different lots, the Heroes Lot and the Villains Lot, which are in turn subdivided into smaller areas identified by a different heroic or villainous character. The sign pictured above, for instance, marks the location of the “Simba” section of the Heroes Lot.

By utilizing easily recognizable characters like the star of “The Lion King” to differentiate one lot from another, the hope is that this naming system should make it easier at the end of the day for guests to remember where they parked. Although it was refined and updated to include more contemporary characters back in 2011, this concept dates back to the Florida resort’s early years. For example, what is now the “Simba” lot had previously been named after Pluto. Whichever section you may be parked in, these fun signs are a great way add a little extra character to the beginning and end of a day at Magic Kingdom.


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