Goofy Marches to His Own Beat at Disney’s All Star Music Resort

From Rock ‘N’ Roll to Broadway, Disney’s All Star Music Resort celebrates some of the most popular musical genres with plenty of bright colors and larger-than-life icons. This theme makes its way into every corner of the hotel, and that includes the decor in the dining rooms of its “Intermission Food Court.” Following a refurbishment in late 2014, the restaurant added new artwork depicting various styles of music being performed by some pretty familiar faces as they are depicted in the the style of the “Mickey Mouse” series of shorts currently airing on Disney Channel. One of the most prominent of these decorations is a mural to the right of the main entrance depicting a marching band of characters parading down the street lead by Bandmaster Goofy.

When developing his version of Mickey Mouse and friends for these new shorts, Supervising Director Paul Rudish looked to the earliest Disney cartoons from the 1920’s and 1930’s for inspiration. Goofy, for example, is a little more rough around the edges, harkening back to his early days as “Dippy Dawg” before animator Art Babbitt refined him into the lovable goof we all know today. A notable difference between the two is that the Goofy from the new “Mickey Mouse” shorts rarely wears pants and sports a dog tail, much like his 1932 counterpart. Maybe this general inexperience with pants on his part could explain why Goofy is dressed so sloppily with boxer shorts sticking out from under his band uniform in All Star Music’s mural.


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