Game Over For Wreck-It Ralph at DisneyQuest

On July 2nd, “DisneyQuest” at Disney Springs is set to close its doors forever to make way for a new “NBA Experience” sometime in the near future. The five-story arcade, referred to by Disney as an “Indoor Interactive Theme Park,” was meant to be the first in a series of regional “DisneyQuest” entertainment centers to open across the country when it opened in 1998, but, aside from a short-lived location in Chicago, this plan never came to fruition. In addition to new and classic arcade games, “DisneyQuest” also boasted a collection of high-tech attractions, many of which drew inspiration from of Disney’s popular film and theme park franchises including “Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride,” “Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblaster,” and the “Animation Academy” drawing class. Perhaps the most fitting of animated character to be featured in the massive arcade, though, was Wreck-It Ralph, the video game bad guy who starred in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 52nd animated feature.

To promote the 2012 release of Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph,” real-life versions of the “Fix-It Felix Jr.” arcade game Ralph calls home in the film were installed at “DisneyQuest,” allowing gamers a chance to play the previous fictional title. A life-sized statue of Wreck-It Ralph himself was also added nearby, making a great photo opportunity for his fans. Earlier this year, one of the free-to-play arcade machines and the Ralph statue were moved from the attraction itself and into the “DisneyQuest Emporium” store, as seen in the above photo, where it could be enjoyed by both those with and without a ticket for “DisneyQuest” itself during its final days. While perhaps it’s time to see the increasingly-dated “indoor interactive theme park” be transformed into something new, it’s still a bit sad, especially for video game fans, to see the plug finally pulled on “DisneyQuest.”


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