Merlin and the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Disney and magic are synonymous with each other, and one of the most renowned wielders of magic, not just in Disney’s world but in literature as a whole, is Merlin. One of the key figures in Arthurian legend, Disney’s version of the iconic wizard first debuted in 1963’s “The Sword on the Stone,” where he served as a mentor to a boy named Wart, who would eventually grow up to become King Arthur. Today, Merlin is still playing the part of a mentor, this time to Walt Disney World guests seeking to join the ranks of the “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.” Located at the entrance of this interactive attraction’s main headquarters inside Main Street U.S.A.’s Fire Station, the above poster bearing Merlin’s likeness seeks to recruit passerby to help him protect the kingdom from the forces evil.

When participating in “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom,” guests visit magic portals hidden throughout the park and use special ” spell cards” to defeat Hades and his fellow Disney Villains. However, before you begin your quest, you need sorcerer training, and that’s where Merlin comes in. Upon your first visit to one of the game’s two headquarters on Main Street U.S.A. and Liberty Square, the wizard will brief you of the situation at hand and lead a training session on how to use the cards you are given to cast spells. When the fate of Magic Kingdom is at stake, who better to learn the magical skills you’ll need from than Merlin himself?


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