Rapunzel Gets Tangled Up in Magic Kingdom’s Festival of Fantasy Parade

In “Tangled,” Rapunzel spent 18 years trapped in a tower, but today she is fortunately able to get out much more often. From taking the stage during “Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire” to meeting with fans at “Princess Fairytale Hall,” Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom offers many opportunities for the formerly lost princess to join in on the fun the park has to offer. She even gets to take part in the daily procession of “Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade” as it travels from Frontierland to Main Street U.S.A.’s Town Square, as seen above. While Rapunzel may be standing on the front of the “Tangled” unit, her 70 feet of hair can be seen adorning the entire length of the boat-shaped float like a golden garland.

Releases in 2010, “Tangled” marked the first time that Walt Disney Animation Studios had animated one of its Princess films in CGI as opposed to traditional animation. However, the film’s creators wanted to make sure Rapunzel and the rest of the movie’s cast retained the distinct Disney look of the studio’s earlier fairy tales for the film and worked hard to translate it into 3D. Glen Keane, the master animator behind character like Ariel, The Beast, and Aladdin, played a big role in this. By serving as the film’s animation supervisor and directing animator of the long-haired princess herself, he was able to mentor a new generation of CG artists in the classic Disney tradition passed down to him from Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men, allowing the fundamentals of the art form they created to be carried on via computer animated characters like Rapunzel.


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