Chatting with Crush at Epcot’s Turtle Talk is Totally Sweet!

When Marlin was asked by his son Nemo about the lifespan of sea turtles early on in Disney•Pixar’s “Finding Nemo,” the father fish didn’t have a sufficient response, but upon the two reuniting at the end of the film, Marlin was able finally answer that question thanks to meeting with Crush the sea turtle during his long journey to Sydney. Today Epcot’s “The Seas with Nemo and Friends” pavilion provides guests with a similar opportunity to ask Crush questions about sea turtles and “the big ol’ blue” as part of “Turtle Talk with Crush.” Developed as part of Disney’s “Living Character Initiative,” this interactive presentation allows humans the opportunity to converse in real-time with an animated version of the surfer turtle, and the unpredictability of speaking with audience members (particularly the young ones) mixed with Crush’s skills at improv make for some hilarious moments. The statue of Crush seen above can be found on the wall marking the entrance to the theater’s holding area, which also features a few animal exhibits and interactive games, but such a place to wait for the next showing was not present for those who visited the attraction in its early years.

“Turtle Talk with Crush” originally debuted in 2004 (two years before “The Living Seas” officially became “The Seas with Nemo and Friends”) inside one of the modules on the first floor of “Seabase Alpha.” However, the small size of the venue and the popularity of “Finding Nemo” translated into long lines that spilled out into other parts of the pavilion, so the show was moved in early 2007 to it current, more spacious location, which had once been part of the original attraction’s preshow theaters, in order to meet demand. “Turtle Talk” was updated again in 2016 to celebrate the premier of “Finding Dory” by incorporating several additional characters to appear alongside Crush including new faces that debuted in the sequel like Hank, Bailey, and Destiny. Over the years, the interactive attraction has continued to prove popular with versions of the show added to Disney’s California Adventure at Tokyo DisneySea theme parks, but no matter where you find yourself talkin’ turtle, the experience is totally sweet, dude!


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