El Barto Strikes Again at Universal Studios Florida

When it comes to being a pranksters, no one in Springfield can quite compare to Bart Simpson. Throughout the 28 years and counting that “The Simpsons” has been on the air, Bart has perpetrated a wide variety of mischievous deeds, but one of the series’ longest-running gags has centered around the graffiti he frequently leaves behind. Dating back to the show’s first season, Bart’s somewhat unimaginative alias of “El Barto” can be seen spray painted in the background all over town. Despite the obvious connection between their names, the mystery of El Barto’s identity frequently baffles many of Springfield’s inept authority figures including Chief Wiggum and Principal Skinner.

Just like its animated counterpart, Universal Studios Florida’s “Springfield: Home of The Simpsons” area also features some of Bart’s secret handiwork. One of these graffiti tags can be seen on Fast Food Boulevard’s “Moe’s Tavern” facade, specifically on the side of the building facing towards the neighboring “Krusty Burger.” Reading “El Barto was here,” it can be easily missed, but it’s a great example of Universal Orlando’s attention to detail in making the area as authentic to the classic show that inspired it as possible. However, with the mysterious “El Barto” still on the loose, you never know where he’ll strike next.


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