Stitch Wraps Things Up at Disney’s Beach Club Resort for Christmas

Walt Disney World has many wonderful Christmas traditions, but to experience all of them guests must venture beyond its popular theme parks. Disney’s Resort Hotels, for example, certainly know how to deck the halls this time of year, and one of the most spectacular of these Holiday displays can be found at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Each Holiday Season since 1999, the resort’s lobby has been home to a spinning carousel constructed entirely out of gingerbread and chocolate. Each year’s carousel is designed around a different theme, and this time the chefs at the Beach Club looked to Disney’s 2002 animated feature “Lilo and Stitch” for inspiration.

Stitch himself, modeled entirely out of chocolate, makes an appearance next to the carousels attempting to wrap a Christmas present, though his methods seem to be just as chaotic as he is. A chocolate Lilo can also be seen on the opposite side of the display while her doll Scrump stands at the vary top of the carousel. Also, be sure to keep an eye out of Hidden Mickeys that the Beach Club chefs have placed on their creation. While Stitch can sometimes be a little naughty, Disney’s Beach Club’s Gingerbread Carousel definitely belongs on the nice list for being a feast for both the eyes and the nose.


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