Toy Story Mania Prepares to Close Off Its Original Pixar Place Entrance

Ten years ago this month, “Toy Story Midway Mania” celebrated its grand opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Inspired by the Disney•Pixar “Toy Story” films, this 3D interactive dark ride hosted by Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of Andy’s toys has proven to be a big hit at the park and frequently boasts some of its longest wait times. Millions of guests have passed under the marquee pictured above since it first debuted in 2008, but not for much longer. Starting in late June, the attraction’s entrance will be relocated to the soon-to-open “Toy Story Land” while its original entrance on Pixar Place will close forever.

Before becoming Pixar Place, this section of the park was known as Mickey Avenue, taking its name from one of the streets at The Walt Disney Studios Burbank lot. Mickey Avenue was initially a backstage road for film crews to access the working soundstages that are now home to “Toy Story Mania” but was converted into a guest pathway not long after Disney-MGM Studios opened. When the street was renamed Pixar Place in 2008, its look was also given a major makeover inspired by architecture of another another Disney-owned studio lot: Pixar Animation Studio’s Campus in Emeryville, California. With the impending closure of the Pixar Place entrance of “Toy Story Mania,” rumor has it that this area of the park that was once Mickey Avenue may soon return to its original purpose as backstage space once “Toy Story Land” officially opens.


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