A Goofy Sign in Parking Lot Outside Disney’s Hollywood Studios

UPDATE: The parking lots at Disney’s Hollywood Studios were renamed in March 2019, resulting in the removal and replacement of this sign.

With major additions like the recently-opened Toy Story Land and the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, there is a lot going on inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios. However, there has also been a lot of attention being payed on Disney’s part to what’s just outside its front gates, including an expansion of the parking lot in preparation for the expected crowds coming to see the park’s new additions. One thing that hasn’t yet changed, though, is the names and signage for its four different areas of the parking lot. Much like those in Magic Kingdom’s parking lot, signage such the above sign for the “Film” lot featuring Goofy makes it a little easier for guests to remember which area of the parking lot they can find their car in at the end of the day.

Goofy has a surprising history when it comes to cars on screen, usually by inadvertently demonstrating what not to do behind the wheel. This started with his classic 1950 cartoon “Motor Mania,” and although it was initially meant only as a satirical look at bad driving, it quickly became a popular fixture in Drivers Ed classes. The success of this short, which was was even awarded the Buyers Trophy for best film about traffic safety for that year, inspired two more straightforwardly educational follow-ups in the 1960s: “Freewayphobia” and “Goofy’s Freeway Troubles.” Wether teaching how to be a better driver or helping you remember where you parked, Goofy is just the guy to keep you from feeling goofy when it comes to your car.


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