Boo’s Not-So-Scary Disguise


One of the more unique aspects of “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party” at Magic Kingdom compared to other Walt Disney World offerings is that it both allows and encourages guest of all ages to dress in costumes. Many of those who attend take advantage of this alteration of the typical park rules and even some of the characters get into the act, including Boo from Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.” During the party, the precocious young girl James P. Sullivan accidentally let into the monster world can sometimes be found attending Tomorrowland’s “Monsterous Scream-O-Ween Dance Party” in an appropriately monstrous costume.

Boo first donned this cobbled-together disguise during a scene from the 2001 film in which Sulley and Mike Wazowski attempted to sneak her back into the Monster Inc. factory. While Mike was initially very doubtful that “a mop, a couple of lights and some chair fabric” could fool anyone into thinking she was a real monster, the incognito girl was able to freely roam the scream factory for much of the movie without sparking suspicion from most M.I. employees or even the Child Detection Agency. Not only did it work surprisingly well for its intended purpose, but Boo’s costume also fits in perfectly with the spirit of “Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.”

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