Timothy Q. Mouse Helps Dumbo Believe and Soar


Earlier this year, Walt Disney’s “Dumbo” marked the 75th anniversary of its release, and what better way to celebrate than wrapping up 2016 with a spin on Magic Kingdom’s “Dumbo the Flying Elephant” attraction? In the 1941 film, the outcast elephant’s best friend Timothy Q. Mouse was always there to encourage him through thick and thin, so it’s certainly in-character for him give a little guidance to Fantasyland guests as well. Timothy can be heard giving the ride’s safety messages as well as seen spinning atop the ride’s marquee, which, when viewed from the back, imparts one final message to exiting guests: “BELIEVE & SOAR!”

The figure of Timothy Mouse shown above is actually a remnant from an earlier version of this classic attraction. When the ride was located in the heart of Fantasyland, approximately where the castle walls sit today, the loyal mouse stood in the center of the carousel of flying pachyderms in order to direct them (initially with a whip and later with a magic feather). However, when a second set of Dumbos was added during the move to its current “Storybook Circus” site, Timothy was placed on his present location from which he could oversee both groups of elephants. Just as he has for the last 75 years, Timothy Q. Mouse is still there to offer support to his buddy Dumbo.

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